amplifiers and speakers etc.

JL Evolution Speakers Picture

JL Speakers

JL have 5 ranges of loudspeakers.  The base range is the TR series, then comes C2, C3 and C5, followed by the reference ZR speakers.

We recommend people start with a minimum of the C2 series, and if possible move up to the C3 series for their front speakers. JL C5 speakers work wonderfully when amplified and when we add Dynamat and are a great step-up from the C3 if budget allows. ZR are for true audiophiles, but of course are stunning JL speakers.

JL ZR series picture: –


We always tell people to concentrate on the front speakers in the car in terms of budget allocation. This is for a number of reasons, partially because when you listen to live music it, the vocals and mid range comes from in front of you (you can’t tell where the bass comes from really), and of course because you are sat it the front of the car.

We like the C3-650 as speaker, it is a “convertible” speaker and can be configured as a COAX or a Component system.

JL C3-650 Convertible systems :-

JL C3 650 Convertible Speaker Picture


JL WX Series subwoofer picture

JL Subwoofers

JL make a great range of sub-woofers.  Their base series is the WX range of 200Watt speakers start at under £60 (shown above).

They also have the W0 series (300 Watts), W3 Series (500Watts) and for real Bass lovers the W7 Series which are 1000W subwoofers.

For low-depth applications, there is the TW series, as shown in the photo below: –

JL 12" thin subwoofer 12TW3

They are available as component subwoofers, and also in a range of custom build JL enclosures as single and double subwoofers. The WX series are available in sealed enclosures

JL Sealed 12" subwoofer

And the W0 series in ported enclosures.

JL Dual 12" ported subwoofer enclosure


And of course the ultimate W7 series in the perfect volume enclosure:

JL W7 1000W sub in a JL enclosure

Morel Speakers

Morel Started life as a Home Audio brand, and we first came across their speakers used with Linn Audio products.  We were stunned at their base range of speakers, the “Maximo” range.

Morel Maximo Picture: –


We then tried their higher range speakers such as the Morel Tempo speakers, and again we are completely amazed.

Even the 4″ Morel COAX speakers have an incredibly good range – far more low frequency then you’d expect from a 4″ speaker, but we’ve found that using the 6.5″ component systems for front (where they fit) and 6.5″ coax for rears transform the sound in most vehicle at a reasonable cost.

If going up the range is within budget (remembering that a significant part of the cost of installing speakers is the same no matter what speaker you use), we recommend the Morel Tempo series.  We’ve even installed the Supremo range in a Mercedes vehicle – but they are a significant investment.

Morel Supremo: –

Morel Supremo Speaker System

Pop in and see us, we have a stand with the Maximo range and a set of Tempo 6×9 for you to listen to.

Morel Tempo Coax range :-

Morel Temp Coax Speaker picture

JL XD Series Amplifiers

We really like the JL XD series amplifiers.  They are small in size, and as they are Class D amplifiers they don’t generate too much heat.  They also have adjustable crossovers and thus we have the ability to tune the sound more accurately for the vehicle.

They are available in 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 8 channel varieties in 200W to 1000W total power configurations. The “odd” channel count amplifiers support a remote bass level control thus allowing the owner to easily turn up and down the bass volume depending what mood they are in.