Morel Speakers

Morel Started life as a Home Audio brand, and we first came across their speakers used with Linn Audio products.  We were stunned at their base range of speakers, the “Maximo” range.

Morel Maximo Picture: –


We then tried their higher range speakers such as the Morel Tempo speakers, and again we are completely amazed.

Even the 4″ Morel COAX speakers have an incredibly good range – far more low frequency then you’d expect from a 4″ speaker, but we’ve found that using the 6.5″ component systems for front (where they fit) and 6.5″ coax for rears transform the sound in most vehicle at a reasonable cost.

If going up the range is within budget (remembering that a significant part of the cost of installing speakers is the same no matter what speaker you use), we recommend the Morel Tempo series.  We’ve even installed the Supremo range in a Mercedes vehicle – but they are a significant investment.

Morel Supremo: –

Morel Supremo Speaker System

Pop in and see us, we have a stand with the Maximo range and a set of Tempo 6×9 for you to listen to.

Morel Tempo Coax range :-

Morel Temp Coax Speaker picture