Steelmate parking sensors on Audi TT

The customer had purchased an Audi TT without the BOSE option and decided the sound was lacking.

He did not want to change the standard factory navigation system, and did not want any visible speakers, but wanted increased quality and Bass response.

We fitted JL Audio C3 component speakers at the front,  JL Audio C2 components at the rear, an 8″ Cerwin Vega sub-woofer hidden behind the rear trim and a JL XD series 5 Channel 700 Watt amplifier.   We used Stinger interconnects, high quality speaker cable, and carefully placement of Dynamat to improve the sound without adding excessive weight to this car.

Rear area photos showing subwoofer, Dynamat and JL C2 speakers

photo 1


Audi TT Cerwin Vega Subwoofer

We could have fitted a larger subwoofer in the boot area, or more than one, but that would have potentially reduced boot space and the customer did not want or need additional bass response than the excellent Cerwin sub-woofer provides.

Following that, of course, we tuned the system for the best sound, and then finally we also installed Steelmate rear parking sensors.

Photo of the rear with Parking Sensors.

Steelmate parking sensors on Audi TT