We recently updated a 2004 SL55 with the 2009 Comand NTG2.5, Harmon Kardon, Media Interface, Comfort Phone, TV & DAB.

The owner had the car from new and it had only done 20,000miles. More importantly, they loved the 55 engine and did not want a SL63 in order to bring the car up-to-date.

The existing car’s COMAND, Speakers, amplifiers, phone system and analogue tuner was removed, and none is compatible with the NTG2.5 system. One of the reasons for this is that the NTG2.5 supports Harmon Kardon, the older systems support BOSE, so it was indeed necessary to change the speakers.  To add trouble, the antenna amplifiers (needed for the new TV, DAB etc) need to be replaced and this means removing the dashboard.

The centre console trim also had to be replaced, alongside cup-holders, various parts of the plastics behind the dash etc to support the new system. The instrument cluster had to be replaced also to support the new “CANbus networking codes” needed for the newer system.

Front of Car Apart: