We had a 2010 Mercedes C63 estate come into the workshop that had the 2012 facelift ILS front end fitted, but the lighting did not work – which to us was not a surprise, but to the mechanic who had installed the 2012 front end on the 2010 car it was – of course, it was too late to reverse the changes.

The problems were: –  DRLs were configured as side lights instead of DRLs, DRLs did not dim when main beam on, none of the LED lamps were working (sidelights or indicators), the indicators flashed the halogen cornering lamps instead of the LED indicators, and no main beam headlamps. Of course, lots of error messages on the dashboard too.

This was a significant challenge, the changes we made included having two custom wiring loom made, replacing various control units, made some more custom wiring loom – replaced the headlights with the correct headlights (the vehicle seemed to have headlights without valid Mercedes part numbers, so were either LHD headlights, or clones), added a headlight control module, updated firmware in other control units and coded the vehicle.

We also made the Parktronic system function again.

The net result was a 2010 C63 with the 2012 face lifted headlights working properly.  A beautiful vehicle, and a happy customer !

(pictures coming soon)