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Witness Cameras, also known as Dash Cams, record video continuously, or when an impact or sharp breaking occurs. Witness cameras are now a vital tool in proving who is responsible for an accident as no one will admit their fault and losing your No Claims Bonus is hugely costly. They can also be configured to record if the car is knocked whilst the engine is off thus catching hit and run drives.

We’ve chosen Nextbase Witness cameras as our preferred witness dash cameras.   Nextbase Dash Cams have won multiple awards (such as Which Best Buy 2016), but are normally only supplied by retailers such as Tescos.

We have found that more and more of our customers have recently experienced incidents where they would like to have footage – from bad driving, accidents or damage to a vehicle a Witness Camera can record the incident.

We can supply and fit these to your vehicle, neatly hiding the wiring. When you visit us to have a dash-cam installed, you know that your vehicle will be worked on by experienced technicians in our purpose built workshop, and not on the side of the road or in a pop-up marquee.

The basic camera we supply and fit for just £99 has 8GB of memory, 720p resolution.  For £50 more you can go up 32GB memory and wired permanently with a hidden extra cigarette lighter socket so your lighter socket remains free and then for a further £50 you can upgrade to a camera with 1080p with GPS and Wifi for downloading recordings (312GW). Also available in the range are 1440p resolution (412GW), dual camera (DUO), 2nd mounts for use in an additional car, carry cases and other accessories.

The range of Nextbase cameras all mount on the front windscreen. The DUO (dual) camera version come in two forms, one with a rear camera that is aimed to look through the rear windscreen and out, and one that is aimed to look at the rear passengers for commercial vehicle (i.e. Taxi) use.  We supply the Taxi version with all the legal paperwork and stickers you need to comply with UK laws.

Come and see us in Lightwater in Surrey and we can fit your choice of camera in under an hour in our workshop, whilst you wait in our showroom or pop out for a coffee.

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