We’ve been fitting DAB Digital radio since DAB was launched in the UK in September 1995.  DAB radio, when fitted with care and expertise can be superb. A DAB radio with badly fitted antenna, wiring or tuners will result in bad DAB reception.

Depending on the car you want to fit DAB to, we have a number of solutions. If your stereo is a bit out-dated you can replace it with a unit with DAB radio in-built, and possibly Navigation as-well.  In the case of Mercedes Benz vehicles we have some fully integrated DAB systems that either replace the CD-Changer (on pre mid 2008 cars), or pretend to be the factory DAB tuner. These tuners support DAB, DAB+ and DMB. We can use a retrofit DAB antenna or add the hidden factory antenna system. This solution is fully digital from the tuner to the amplifier in your car stereo.

For cars with USB we can plug a device into the USB that then gives you DAB radio, again this is fully digital.

For more awkward cars we can connect a separate DAB tuner with a remote control to the AUX input on your existing stereo, or for those without AUX it is possible to re-transmit the DAB signal over FM but it is the least favoured / quality solution.

As said above, the most important thing about DAB radio installation is choice of components and quality of fitment.  There is no point in badly fitted DAB, it will just frustrate you.

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A few DAB Radio Vehicle Specific Solutions

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