We are renowned for our Mercedes DAB Digital Radio retrofits and have fully integrated solutions for your Mercedes Benz.

We helped in2digi (the supplier) develop these products where the DAB radio is controlled from the standard factory DAB menus on the vehicle’s stereo – i.e as shown in your car audio manual. As a result we have a deep knowledge of how to install DAB Digital Radio to function best in Mercedes Benz vehicles.

We also have DAB Digital Radio retrofits for older Mercedes Vehicles (From approximately 2002 – 2008) which replace the CD changer and the DAB tuner appears as a CD changer instead giving 6 presets and the ability to skip through the DAB stations that are available.

For newer vehicles (mid 2008 onward) the vehicle tends to need the factory fitted satnav system called COMAND which will have a SD-Card or PCMCIA slot on the stereo itself. COMAND is needed because the single disk Audio-20 system does not have the necessary fibre optic port to connect to the DAB Digital Radio tuner.

We can either use a very discrete DAB antenna attached to the front windscreen, or in newer vehicles we can retrofit the hidden factory DAB antenna system to the vehicle.

Of course we can also retrofit the factory DAB Digital Radio tuner rather than our aftermarket in2digi tuner if you want “all Mercedes genuine parts”.

The retrofit system with windscreen antenna is approximately £749 (vehicle dependent), with hidden antenna system it starts at £999, and Mercedes Benz factory parts are a bit more and again vehicle dependant so please contact us for a quote.

For cars with USB we also have a DAB tuner that will connect to the USB, which is very cost effective and controlled from the USB audio controls on your car stereo.

Fully integrated DAB Digital Radio retrofit in 2009 Mercedes Benz SL

Fully Integrated DAB Digital Radio in Mercedes W176 A45 AMG with COMAND system

Partially Installed

Mercedes DAB Digital Radio tuner emulating a CD Changer

USB Dab for vehicles with Audio-20