We’ve upgraded the Audio systems in thousands of vehicles.

As cars have more functions built into the head-unit (bluetooth, DAB, etc) the car makers have reduced their spend on the hidden parts of the Audio system such as loudspeakers.

Significant improvements can be made even to the premium speaker systems by replacing the speakers with better.

We love Morel, Focal and JL Audio speakers.  Morel are lesser known but started in the home-audio business, and their experience shows.

If you want more Bass we can add a hidden small powered subwoofer (from Focal or Alpine) or a custom larger sub-woofer.

If you want more volume (assuming you’ve upgraded your speakers we can add a small amplifier, or a large amplifier – often from Focal, JL Audio or Alpine.

If your head-unit is old, or you fancy an updated one with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, or DAB+ then we can change the head unit in most cars.

Contact us with your car details and what you’d like to achieve and we’ll let you know what can be done to improve your car audio system.