Digital Radio (DAB) has been rolling out across the world for about 10 years now. DAB is being supplemented with DAB+ throughout Europe, including the UK.

If you are installing a new head unit, then its easy to choose one with DAB/DAB+ if you want DAB.
However, for many vehicle owners there is no need to change the head unit (and in fact in many cars now they are so integrated that changing the head unit is not possible). For these cars we have a number of products that integrate well to provide DAB functionality. We can add DAB+ tuners that pretend to be a USB stick (with each station appearing as a track), or for cars without compatible USB we can feed the Audio in though an existing AUX connection, or make it appear as a FM radio station. For Mercedes and Jaguar LandRover we have DAB+ tuners that can replace the existing DAB only tuner, or be completely retrofitted for cars without the option.