We retrofitted hundreds of genuine Mercedes Benz reversing cameras, using all genuine Mercedes parts, we update the car’s data-card at Mercedes so nothing goes wrong during later servicing.

We have the tools to calibrate the camera so that if the camera supports moving guidelines they are in the correct place, and we ensure the smart cameras have the latest software and correct configuration using our Genuine Mercedes Xentry Diagnosis system.

Factory systems start from £999, we can also fit aftermarket systems at a lower cost should you require, and we can retrofit the factory 360 camera, but that is a very large job which requires 4 cameras, new grill and mirrors and wiring all over the vehicle – but its a lovely option.

Below is a picture of the camera alignment jig – this is set up with a laser level and measuring device, and then Xentry Diagnosis is used to generate the guidelines in the correct place.

Mercedes Reverse camera alignment jig