Our brand ‘comand.co.uk’ has a un-rivalled diagnosis for finding complex electronic faults with Mercedes Benz vehicles. We diagnose and repair failed audio systems every day, but will get involved with strange issues with any of the interior electronics and lighting in Mercedes Benz Vehicles.

We have fully supported Mercedes Xentry Diagnostics with the Retail Data Storage system, so we can update firmware on the control units in your vehicle, including COMAND and other audio systems. We have the ability to SCN code vehicles and update data cards for retrofits.

We maintain a stock of head-units, displays and other commonly failing Mercedes electronic parts, and where we can not repair an existing failed unit we can offer very competitively priced re-furbished or new replacement units fully installed to Mercedes standards with latest software installed on the control units, correct registration of the unit with Mercedes Benz and the latest SatNav maps if appropriate.

Below are some pictures of common failure conditions, although there are many different possible failures so contact us if your vehicle is behaving weirdly.

NTG5*1 Audio-20 failure