We are the first company in the UK to retrofit COMAND to Mercedes-Benz vehicle – we started back in the days of the W208 CLK.

COMAND is the top of the range Navigation system in Mercedes Vehicles, in modern vehicles it has an internal hard disk, a decent amplifier and a larger screen than standard.

We’ve retrofitted COMAND to hundreds of vehicles, systems ranging from the original Comand 2.0DX in the early 2000s to NTG5.5 in the later E and C classes.

We always fit “as per factory” adding necessary cooling systems, updating the data-records at Mercedes in Germany, installing the latest firmware using Genuine Xentry Diagnosis and the latest properly licenced maps. We configure the COMAND system properly for the options in your vehicle, and the rest of the vehicle (such as the instrument cluster and any existing reverse camera) for the additional functions available with COMAND. ¬†We even supply a paper manual if they are available and would have been supplied if COMAND had been specified from factory.

On the later cars, we properly re-integrate the Live Traffic facilities and DAB radio systems which work differently with COMAND than the basic Audio-20

Many other companies don’t bother with the fans, or firmware updates, but Mercedes-Benz would not have wasted money with these items if they were not necessary for a fully functioning and reliable vehicle.