We can fit heated seats to almost all vehicles.  Many of our customers are surprised that heated seats can be added to a car or van and that there is no need to be cold in the car this winter.

We normally fit two-stage heated seats (i.e warm and hot) using a two-stage switch on the base of the seat, but in most Mercedes Benz vehicles and in many Mini we can retrofit the factory heated seat system with factory switches and parts.

Standard aftermarket seats start from £549 but contact us for Christmas Special pricing depending on your vehicle. We can of course fit just the driver or passenger seat, and this is often the case for heated seats in vans.

Factory fit versions using factory switches, wiring and pads start from £1400.

Contact us to find out how we can make your car better for winter. Our workshop is in Lightwater, Surrey – near M3 junction 3 and 15 minutes from Bracknell in Berkshire

The picture below shows a Mini One which we have retrofitted the full factory heated seat system to.  We regularly install factory heated seats into Mercedes vehicles as-well, so the owner has the factory switches rather than additional heated seat switches on  the seat base.