Mercedes C, GLC & E Class Audio Upgrade

Mercedes Burmeister Grill picture

We can transform the sound quality in your Mercedes C class, GLC class, and E class by replacing the speakers which much better speakers, adding carefully placed sound dampening and optionally adding an amplifier if your car does not have one. Please contact us to talk about what we can do, but if you are interested below is a description of the different systems in Mercedes and further information on how we upgrade things.

The current Mercedes W205 C class, alongside the W253 GLC, and the E class Saloon, Estate, Coupe and Convertibles (W213/W238) come with 3 possible audio systems in the UK, all of which have significant limitations.

The base system (which has black speaker grilles) has some very inferior 4″ mid range speakers in the doors, no tweeters on some models and only one approximately 6″ woofer in the passenger footwell. As you may imagine this seriously compromises sound quality. Just having no high-frequency treble because of the missing tweeters is a major issue and sadly the C-Class coupe doesn’t even have a location for the tweeters available without changing the wood/metal trim panel that holds the mid-range speaker. And only one small woofer (remembering the last C class had one in each door) is really a cost saving exercise.

From the 2019 (C class) or 2020 (GLC) a mid-range system was made available. This added a small amplifier, a better woofer in both footwells and mid-range and tweeters in the front door. The front door speakers are still the low quality paper cone small magnet speakers used for the base audio system.

The Burmeister system is much better, but leaves a huge amount to be desired. The woofers are a step up – better quality and larger – but the door speakers are still paper cone A centre speaker and two rear-fill speakers are added for surround sound. You can recognise Burmeister cars as they have chrome speaker grilles. The amplifier is actually good, feeding 50W to each speaker and 120W to the woofers but this is compromised by the actual speakers used

Mercedes Burmeister Grill picture.

Interestingly, in Europe a ‘Burmeister High-End’ system is available for the E class which is actually a really great system – just not available for the UK market. It has much better door speakers, two dual-coil 8″ woofers in the footwells and a sub-woofer in the boot.

We now provide a range of upgrades – which involve changing the speakers to custom BLAM speakers, optionally adding an amplifier for the base-cars (absolutely no need on Burmeister cars) and strategically based placement of sound damping (Dynamat) to further improve the sound quality. We even clear any faults that will be logged in the car’s various computers where components (such as footwell lighting and vent controls) have to be disconnected to access the woofers using our Genuine Mercedes Xentry Diagnosis system.

Should you wish to move even further up the audio range, we have built large custom systems in the current E class coupe which involved DSPs, special dual coil woofers in the footwells, Morel Hybrid door speakers and a custom built 10″ subwoofer hidden in the boot.

We have a Mercedes GLC with Burmeister plus the speaker upgrades and Dynamat mentioned above – the music is completely transformed and is now an absolute pleasure to listen to. The change of front door speakers, footwell speakers and the two woofers, with a little Dynamat starts from £1098. Changing the centre speaker adds £99 and changing the rear speakers too would add £449. We can also add extra Dynamat to the footwells and door-cards to further improve the sound.

Call up and arrange for an appointment to listen to the GLC, or discuss any other audio improvements.

Blam Dual 8″ footwell woofer system

Standard Mercedes mid range speakers – Left is the basic system (the mid speaker weighs 101g) and right is the Burmeister speaker (also paper-cone, larger magnet, and weighs 180g).

Below is the BLAM replacement, it has a fibre glass cone, and a Neodymium magnet which are much more powerful per-gram compared to an iron magnet. They still weigh 10% more than the Burmeister speaker so thats why they produce a significantly better mid-range sound.