Mercedes me – 3G to 4G upgrade

Mercedes me - 4G comms working

** UPDATE, Mercedes have currently prevented vehicles that came with the 3G system from re-subscribing to services in the Mercedes ME app, even if a 4g module has been fitted, so we have suspended installing these upgrades until we have worked out if there is a mechanism to solve this issue.  3G cars have dropped back to 2G/EDGE which will not give enough bandwidth for most of the current services – even if you still have a valid subscription ***

Mercedes Me service in UK and most of Europe for cars older than about 2018 is currently being turned off – which means no remote status services, no remote locking, no remote locator, no map updates etc.

The Mercedes Me service uses a communications system that Mercedes-Benz calls “Hermes”. Vehicles up until around 2018 uses 3G (UMTS) only mobile network technology. In the UK specifically Vodafone – and Vodafone’s 3G was turned off in March 2024, and the same is happening across Europe and USA. Newer cars have 4G (LTE) capable modules but Mercedes have not released a solution presumably because the approval costs are too high and they want you to buy a new car.

This means that Mercedes have had to prevent renewal of online services for affected vehicles as they can’t deliver future Mercedes Me service.

We have engineered a solution to upgrade the systems in the vehicles including the back-end databases at Mercedes and thus allow your vehicle to remain connected to Mercedes ME and to re-subscribe for all of the Mercedes ME services that you enjoyed before the 3G switch off affected Mercedes ME services.

We use all genuine parts with a 2 year Mercedes warranty and update all the databases required so nothing will go wrong during later vehicle updates or servicing.

On the E class (W213/W238) you can tell if you have 3G, because on many Mercedes it shows. 3G symbol in the top left of the map screen.  4G capable cars show 4G or LTE when receiving a 4G signal, you can see some pictures of that below. On A/B/C/GLC etc you can’t see whether you have 4G or not.

For the technically minded, the cars that we can upgrade to 4G Hermes have option code 360 “Hermes UMTS”, and the cost varies from about £799 to £999 depending on which vehicle you have.

Contact us with your VIN or UK numberplate details to see if we can update your vehicle and the costs.